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About Me

I have been playing piano since I was five, and since then, I have broadened my interest in other areas of music to develop as a musician. From playing in a big band, to the position of a musical director, and now studying in London, I am always striving to grow and advance my knowledge and abilities. Furthermore, I wish to establish myself as a professional who can really add a unique and valuable angle to any kind of project, whatever the genre.


My Experience & Skills

What I have participated in and achieved to date

September 2020

BIMM London

I enrolled at BIMM London to study BA (Joint Hons) Popular Music Performance (Keys) & Songwriting. This is to further improve and develop my skills and abilities in an academic sense. This is also to seize all the opportunities that London has to offer. By the time I leave, I not only want to have a more extensive knowledge of music, but to have also developed a network of contacts in which I can pursue a professional career in the industry.

June 2019

A Level Music

Throughout this course, I studied a number of areas, such as classical works like Haydn's Symphony No. 104 "London", to Jazz icons such as Jelly Roll Morton and Miles Davis. This allowed me to appreciate and become more familiar with genres that I was not necessarily familiar with, and equipped me with the ability to further analyse music in detail.

Summer 2018

ABRSM Grade 8 Piano

This rounded off my journey through ABRSM Piano grades, in which I developed a grounded understanding of piano technique and classical understanding. From this experience, I hope to soon continue onto the ARSM exam, the stepping stone to a DipABRSM.

September 2016 - March 2019

Music Director

My role as a music director for three school musicals proved to be an invaluable experience when it comes to having complete oversight and responsibility of an ensemble. From organising rehearsals and modifying scores, to coordinating the performance with the cast and dealing with the technical details, my duties were critical to the success of the productions.

September 2016 - April 2019

Big Band

Participating in my school Big Band was a huge opportunity to break into new genres for myself, as well as playing with an ensemble. As the main pianist, I developed a position as an integral part of the rhythm section, as well as developing my own techniques on improvisation and harmony. On two occasions the band played at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.